Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baron's Birthday and Our Trip to the Zoo

So I haven't blogged in a million years.  Here are some photos to enjoy!

Baron's birthday photos here

And here's a trip to the zoo, which was also part of our Autumn's birthday celebration.  We also met Baron at the Blue Plate Diner (YES!  A DINER for Autumn's birthday!) afterwards and had presents in the parking lot, but I unfortunately failed to take any photos.  :(  Sorry!  Zoo photos here

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Paula said...

Thanks for sharing all of these fun photos. Everyone looks happy! Wish I could have had a bite of that glowing lime pie. Nice cross stitch of the IT Crowd--what a clever idea! I'm sure Baron loved that. The trip to the zoo looked like a big success. I would like to have been there to see all of Tilly's reactions as she realized animals are 3-D and in motion! That polar bear was having a great time. I've never seen the Big Elephant--cool! I'm sure there have been lots of improvements since the last time I was's been a while. Tilly liked the big, black, wet ball because it was something she could touch. I've touched one like that...irresistible!. Thanks for sharing.